Why I Started My Own Website- A Sneak-peek to The Harper’s Lane - The Harper's Lane

Why I Started My Own Website- A Sneak-peek to The Harper’s Lane

The Harperslane

March 18, 2020 4 min read

It is ‘art’ that has inspired me throughout. In every aspect of my life, in my happy days or the hard times, I always found something creative to hold on to.

I started painting from the age I don’t quite remember. But I do remember the outlines of the triangle, sunflower, a mango or the apple that I had been asked to fill up with the colours of my choice. That’s how it started. With time I developed a keen interest in painting that refined into my passion and soon discovered that Western art form is my forte.

Being an art enthusiast, I consider there is sheer artistry in everything. Everything you do bears your signature. Convinced by this mind set, I spent a few years in the planet called corporate and soon got to know that this certainly cannot support my oxygen intake. I could breathe more when I am surrounded by my guitar, my canvases, colours, my favourite books and so many elements that have souls.

I survived for some time and then decided not to be unnecessarily answerable to anyone. Withstanding certain unavoidable adverse circumstances I pursued for things that I really liked. I started learning French language. I got back to my canvases and I felt I am back home.

Home, yes, is the place where the heart lies, they say; and that is so true. I knew I loved my home as a person, it has a heart that beats. I devoted all my love, sense of art and creativity, time and energy creating something of my own. I designed my website with a segment of country-side home decor to connect the people who love their homes.

The decor of bygone times always appeals to me. The rustic home setting, the vintage charm..(though I do not deny the modern decor themes) are something I always feel fed my ideas of home decor. The rustic living room, the cosy corner with a wing chair and books around, warm lighting, pastel yet bright colors, the log homes, pleases your senses. You feel so composed, close to the soil.

The Harper’s lane is a website dedicated to hand-work; hand-crafted jewelleries, home decor and embroidered outfits. I love to create daily wear dresses and skirts that are simple and easy. I think a little embroidery on the dresses makes them even prettier. During my stay in the North Eastern region in India for two and half years, I noticed their traditional outfit ‘Puan’ which is more like a wrap around skirt. I really loved the texture, the color and the weave of the material. I had an ardent desire to work on this beautiful outfit with decent modification, giving it a bohemian touch. I have created designs in ankle-length skirts with the fusions of these two unconstrained cultures.

I designed this skirt with a tube top of the same fabric. The fabric is weaved in yellow and pale red threads and has a rustic texture that compliments the tribal style. You can pair it up with a denim or a cotton casual jacket. I placed a handmade earring from my collection that has a gypsy look that totally goes with the outfit. You can take a hobo bag or a sling bag, wear a pair of flats (boho leather flats will go awesome with the entire look) and shade and you are all set to slay.

European Country side decor is the source of inspiration behind my creation of the home accents-wall plates, wall hoops and lampshades.

The Harper’s lane presents the handcrafted, rustic and country-side home decor range that can immediately bring smile on your face as you enter your house after a long tiring day. How it can bring smile on your face, for that you have to browse through the pages of the website of this segment to find the answer. They will speak to you!

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