Why Embroidered Dresses are so appealing? Women, here is the answer. - The Harper's Lane

Why Embroidered Dresses are so appealing? Women, here is the answer.

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March 18, 2020 2 min read

Hand embroidery is like creating magic with the needle and the threads on pieces of cloths of various sizes, shades and colours. The needlework is sheer art that withstand the test of time. With the fast moving time, these days, igital machines have taken up the place of hand embroidery, but what I believe in is that hand embroideries have always continued to have their own charm even in the age of machines.

Why embroideries are so appealing? Why an embroidered dress, especially when it is hand-stitched is so charming to look at? When you look at pretty embroidered dress , you feel like having one, right? You must be thinking that it is because of the colors, patterns, texture… okay, and let me tell you there is more into it. This is because of the simplicity and the elegance in it that compliments your dressing sense. Hand embroideries are intricate, hard to make, detailed and designed with adrenaline-fuelled ideas. Yeah! Think about it. These are raw, spontaneous and original just like we all are inside and outside.


I designed this short dress with a pretty floral embroidery having summer in mind. Linen, being one of the finest of fabrics never pricks you even under the scorching sun and always allows your skin to breathe more. The floral pattern embroidered on chest gives this casual outfit a touch of spring. You certainly can wear a white or beige color hat with it or even can opt for a dark blue one if you are wearing dark blue sneaker just as I wore it couple of days back; and yes, sunglasses and sunscreen that you never ever skip.

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