The Orange Paisley Lampshade - The Harper's Lane

The Orange Paisley Lampshade

The eternal paisley motif that we often see in several cultures in their various art forms, originated in the Indo-European cultures of 2000 or more years back; represented earlier in Celtic art, which died with the rise of the Roman Empire. But in several parts of India the paisley motifs continued to flourish in many art forms.

The base of the lamp is designed in hand-carved figures and celestial bodies depicting the carve art of the ancient ages. The mingling of art forms in the piece adds to the cultural dimension.

We bring Paisley in lampshades. The shade is connected through a wire to the base of the lamp with a raw wood piece to retain its rustic feel.
The lampshade is hand crafted, hand embroidered in kaantha stitch by the artisans.