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The Lotus Placemat

Placemats are not really a part of traditional Bengali dining culture, though hand embroidered table cloths sewn by the women of the family or by the weaver women in traditional motifs with lace or frill detailing for the zamindars were very much a part of table decor.
Practices were there to serve food on Kansa (bronze ) plates and bowls and a woman used to be appointed for moving her hand holding the Taal pata’r pakha (fan made out of palm leaves ) for the constant source of air till the people; the men of the family finish their meals.
Bengali cousin is rich. The act of presenting the food is as rich as the dishes itself. But things have changed into a much affordable and feasible manner over the years. But the grandeur of cuisines remains the same on the festivals, especially on Durga pujo– the festival for which my city kolkata is known for.
The Harper’s Lane has designed Placemats keeping in mind the pujo vibes as Durga pujo is round the corner. This design is ofcourse a bit different from the predominant theme we deal with. A very little from the Bengali dessert delicacy is served on the “LOTUS” Placemats. These placemats are hand embroidered come in a set of 4 or 6 according to your requirements. You can place it under the plates or simply use for your beautiful table decoration. The design is inspired from “Aagomoni” (arrival of Devi Durga) .
We are delighted to present such a cultural mix through our design.

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