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The Charulata Dress

Charulata doesn’t always has to be lonely. She can be playful, confident and totally in love with her.
Dedicated to the era of the great creation of Ray, “Charulata”, the Charulata dress is designed in jamdani in the ultimate love of Bengal when it comes to the combination of two colors- the eternal Laal – Shada (red and white). The sleeves are designed in authentic kantha in fish motif and jamdani motifs in details that can be seen in original old quilts. Pleats are done with details on the back of the dress. The collar is clearly the depiction of the bygone time in the apparel.

ইতিKatha Tavern Edit designs the outfits with statements sleeves that depict the time when convenient modern wardrobe for women came into principle prominence with the influence of European fashion on the garments and emphasis on embroidery, lace detailing and pleats; in a modern approach as everyday outfits for today’s women.


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