Hanging Planter Hoop - The Harper's Lane

Hanging Planter Hoop

Slow living isn’t slow, it’s rather putting emphasis on the higher quality of life’s aspects by slowing down a bit. Sometimes we just feel like life is passing us by, moving so fast that we can’t catch our breaths. It’s true that we have to do a lot of work in a given time period. We don’t really have time for reading our favorite novel and sipping a cup of coffee, to watch the sun go down painting the sky in pink hues. We really don’t have time to open that old photo album in a leisurely afternoon to look back to the good old times. We almost forgot to sit with our families and having soulful conversations, laughing out loud for no reason. We itch to pull our phones out because we think we are getting so bored sitting still, get bored so easily. But yes, over the period of almost two years, this trying time has taught us a bit of living- living with the bare essentials, sharing our happiness and heart aches to the human beings sitting next to us rather than to a virtual existence.

Presenting an Embroidered Hoop Hanging, simple embroidered with simple hanging plant motifs encouraging a slow, simple life.