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ইতিKatha Canto I

Kantha, the century old tradition of stitching patchwork on old clothes which evolved from the thrift of rural women in undivided Bengal can be traced back to the pre-vedic age. Kantha comprises of the simplest form of stitches in varied arrangements which collectively create the complex vocabulary of the design.

The traditional motifs that are seen in kantha embroidery are everyday elements of human life and the geometrical patterns.
This ages old technique submerged in time till the beginning of twentieth century. From then kantha is used in innumerous designs in mainstream fashion.

The collection ইতিKatha goes back to time, the outset twentieth century when bengali bengali fusion wear evolved. Convenient modern wardrobe for women came into principle prominence with the influence of European fashion on the garments and emphasis on embroidery, lace detailing and pleats; in a modern approach as everyday outfits for today’s women.

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