KALON- A Collection of Puans

Very few people analyze themselves to the point that mentally they are caged in something or the other – fear, sadness, anxiety, pain, insecurity, expectations etc etc by the society and the environment. Even if I talk about myself, I’m not free from the fear or anxiety that my mind carries; trying to get seasoned by the environment each single day, preoccupied with breakfasts, lunches, dinners, work, sleep, going out, entertainments—

It’s tough to break the preset standards — man woman, girl boy, right wrong..but the preset standards can’t always be the benchmarks. There is much more beyond that. It goes beyond the usual explanation of beauty. That’s what the word KALON means.. beauty that is more than skin- deep.

There is no happier place than your home. Adding simple but significant elements can work like a charm. I created rustic, colourful home accents that add countryside aesthetics to your space and make it look livelier. The bright hues cheer you up right away every time you look at them.