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Embroidered Lampshades- a Simple Way to Brighten up Your Space


April 14, 2020 4 min read

Spring is on my mind these days and so inspiring my artworks. I think a little of spring decoration always lifts our spirits. Don’t you? Well, I wanna keep seasonal decor simple, colourful and fun; that cheers you up at once you look at them. Simplicity always works, right? Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on a glass vase is enough to make you feel spring, but I think, when you can have enough of home accents to inspire your decor and enhance your design, spring is all over you throughout the year.

Spring is happy and I feel happier when I stitch. In my website, The harper’s lane, I have included three sections of home decor one of which is embroidered lampshades. These lampshades are hand-embroidered and hand-painted on glass base or wood base.

The first I saw a hand-embroidered lampshade was in a magazine and my instant reaction was ‘where can I get this?’ The blast of colors, the thread work on it was amazing and well complimented with the entire decor of the room. The embroidery on the shade was made in the floral patterns and the base of the lamp was wooden. I discovered embroidered lampshades can change the entire look of your space when I tried one myself. Guess what, that embroidered lampshade was handmade all by me. Well, it takes a lot of effort in creating a piece of embroidery. You need to foresee a design, how it would turn out to be. The color combination is really a difficult task to put together. You need to constantly keep in mind the theme of the house and texture of the wall when you are putting it together in your mind.

Coming to the intricacy of the stitches, you have to in detail focus on every single stitch, the shape, size, of the entire pattern you are making

and it might end up with a nagging headache if you are continuously stitching day and night but don’t you worry, a good night’s sleep will surely work. And when you will find your home extremely pretty with all the embroidered pieces you got, it’s worth all the pain.

On the list of things that I am crushing on these days in lampshades is the gypsy patchwork lampshade. Gypsies are part of French history and so it is quite natural that you might see influence of French flavour in the look. As gypsy is not only a decor but a way of living, a specific style, this lampshade is perfectly handcrafted with the elements to create its bold and colourful, free-spirited look. This patchwork lampshade has a unique ensemble of different colours of fabrics embellished with beads and tassels.

One of the greatest things about this theme is fun. It is easy and free, things that do not have to match. The patchwork is done with the boho theme in mind and so expresses the influence in a perfect manner.

I cannot go wrong with the ring knots when it comes to creating a bunch of flowers, and here I go. I chose red yarn and orange, yellow, peach and rose color in threads to embroider this wildflower lampshade. And of course shades of green for the stem and the leaves. This beautiful lampshade brings spring straight to your living room.

Embroidered lampshades are making a comeback in the mainstream decor. The reason some of the embroidered lampshades were taken over by the lampshades with a normal piece of fabric is its complex designs. Like the one I have made in recent times- ‘bestfriends in the garden embroidered lampshade’. I used appliqué with thread work for creating this unique shade. I appliqué the outfits of the girls with the hand-cut fabric bits, the blossom and branches are embroidered with details and the hair I made with the strands of threads sewing one after the other. This is not all easy but made with love. Have a close look-

Here are some other pieces from my shop. Both are 4 inches across top corner to corner by 6 inches at the bottom and 6 inches high. The bird case embroidered lampshade has a wood base and the cacti embroidered one has a vintage glass base. They are fun and quirky.

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